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30-Day TV Meme

In an effort to spend at least five minutes today not thinking about awesometopia (which you should all join, especially if you're into pirates, fish, or dragons), I'm going to catch up on a couple days' worth of this meme. I keep forgetting about it. :\

BTW, since I'm advertising things and the rest of this post is about RTD-era Doctor Who, I might as well mention rewatch_tennant. It's a live-blogging-style rewatch of Tenth Doctor episodes. We meet Sundays at 9AM PDT. I think Gridlock is next. Some of us are conspiring to make the mod do Hamlet at some point.

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I have no idea what to do for the next two days, but I'm sure at least one of them won't be about Doctor Who. This meme starts with the obvious questions and then gets more creative, so my answers will get more varied as it goes on.
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TV Meme

LJ is being incredibly slow for me these last few days. I'm now looking at a tab bar full of "http://...l.com/" because pages here aren't even loading without trying them several times. Is this happening to everyone? Did I miss a maintenance announcement?

30-Day TV Meme, day 2: A show that you wish more people were watching
(Off by a day because I was planning to skip days 2&3, and then I decided to steal someone else's answer for day 2.)

The Sarah Jane Adventures!

Basically, RTD took his Doctor Who and split it in half, putting all the good things about it into SJA and all the bad ones into Torchwood. So SJA is made of cracky adventures, silly aliens, and best friends running around having a crazy fun time. In the middle of all the ridiculous alien plots, there are often deep emotional messages. Things that the main characters learn and grow from. This kids show can be deeper than most serious "adult" shows. But mainly, it's the cracky adventures.

The one good thing that's missing from Doctor Who is, of course, the Doctor. But you know what SJA does have? LUKE AND CLYDE. Definition of adorable. And Clyde is one of the coolest, funniest characters on TV. Also, I heard there's some old companion or something on the cast, idk. The whole team are BFFs there to have fun together. I really enjoy watching that.

SJA is just a very fun and heartwarming show. I can't think of any good reason that it isn't more popular.

Still skipping day 3 because it asks for my favorite new show this season. The only new show I can even name is Happy Town.
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Top Five Meme

Hey, I can post again! And I know what was going on now. Someone in my area must have been part of the botnet attacking LJ. It overlapped with unrelated ISP suck, and the news I saw from LJ was too vague for me to diagnose anything with until just now. But it's sorted.

Anyway, meme. Three giant walls of text, coming right up.

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