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Been away from LJ for a couple of weeks. Popped in long enough to make iconsofrassilon posts as needed (and we need more entries this week, BTW...I'm thinking of entering something myself) but didn't read the flist.

Just spent hours reading the flist. Was at skip=120 or so when I was done. Then I went back to the top to read the new entries that came in while I was doing that. Phew.

remixthedrabble went de-anon while I was out. Here are my two remixes:

In Place Of (The Missed Learning Opportunity Remix) (Martha/Jack (implied Martha/Ten, Jack/Ten), 100 Words, no warnings);
remix of lodessa's In Place Of (same pairings, 976 words, soft R for sexings).

Cursed Chakram (The Burning Remix) (Raijin, Fujin, 100 Words, warning for character death);
remix of hamimifk's Cursed Chakram (same header, but NSFW because some other drabbles on the same page are NC-17).

Related recs: pretty much the entire Doctor Who category.

Now on to remixredux09, where I have no idea what to do about this and the time is like half way up already HELP!!! Need someone to commiserate with. Anyone here not doing Remix, yet open to hearing me whine about it? :( So doomed, so very doomed.

Question for flist, since I have at least two RPers on it: explain this RP thing to me. I have a general idea how it works, and by "general idea how it works" I mean "crack RP account I made once and posted to twice", but I don't get the specifics. I just know that I can friend some RPers to make fic pop up on my list occasionally.


remixthedrabble fics went up today. I got one and did three (clearly I need to write more fic in more fandoms. Or write better Who fic. One of the two). I am a big bubble of squeeful delight right now! It is so very awesome! Here are some links to the remixes (which, in turn, have links to the originals in their headers).

First, go here and read sophinisba's excellent take on Sucks To Be You. Guys, you have no idea how cool it is to see someone else interpret your stuff!

Second, since apparently they are not doing the anonymous-guess-who-it-was phase like I think the actual remixredux does, here are the ones I did:

Oops (The Highly Inconvenient Location Remix) for emerald_embers. Final Fantasy VII fic, in which emerald weapon spawns right above the Gelnika. I shake my fist at you, Squaresoft circa 1996!

Introductions (The "Biggest Family" Indeed Remix) for amaresu. Martha, Sarah, Jo, warm fuzzies (I hope).

Never Ever (The See Your Shadow Remix) for metztlimoon. Dark Ten/Rose in which Rose is dead and the Doctor is haunted.

At some point, I will put these on here/Teaspoon, and Never Knew (The Sucks to Be You Remix) will find its way into my next Giant Rec Post of Doom (now with added videogames!). And also put myself on remixy_things, because this is so cool!!!! ...But right now I am busy failing half my classes and forcing myself to get one seriously-late-like-you-would-not-believe Ten/Rose fic I owe someone finished. And certainly not making any icons or spending any time plotting out the details of a totally unrelated fic that I don't owe anybody, never mind doing crazy things like making a detailed writeup of a program I want to write. I am way more reliable than that!

Note to self: edit the tags on this post once all that's done, yes?

FF8 Fic: Jailbreak

Title: Jailbreak
Characters: Squall, Zell, Seifer
Rating: Eh...PG?
Summary: Zell and Squall go on a mission to abduct some prisoners. Seifer shows up, because he's the sort of dude that shows up and messes up people's missions.
Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VIII and its characters and locations belong to Square-Enix, who I am in no way associated with.
Wordcount: 2816
Author's Notes: (Which I kinda forgot to put in when I posted this.)

Written for nagi_schwarz, who bought it at the Support Stacy charity fic auction. The request was for gen with Seifer, Squall, and Zell, at some point after the game when they've grown up a bit.

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