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AU Meme Part 2

Part 1 was:
The Hypothetical AU Meme: Take any one of the fandoms you know I write in (or think I should), and give me a type of AU (space opera AU, pirate AU, superhero AU, Ancient Rome, etc). I will then explain what story from your chosen fandom I would write for your chosen type of AU.

queenfaithie asked for Dollhouse on the high seas (Pirate AU).

So there's this ship. The Dollhouse. Run by Captain Adelle and her secretly traitorous first mate and love interest Dominic. Adelle has recently gone from a wannabe pirate with a ship but nearly no crew to an infamous pirate captain, mostly thanks to meeting Topher, a brain scientist who turned to piracy to fund his experiments. When Adelle's crew raid other ships, they kidnap their most able crewmembers and passengers. Topher wipes their memories to make room for awesome pirate skills, and makes them loyal to himself and Adelle while he's at it. Now it's up to Paul, an ex-coast guard (...or somesuch thing) officer with a grudge, and the increasing number of spies on the Dollhouse to bring down Adelle, rescue Topher's test subjects, and strike a real and symbolic blow to piracy.

And of course, almost every scene would actually be about Victor/Sierra or how great Boyd is. Also, Adelle now carries a ninja sword with her at all times.

As with all my fic ideas, this would turn into a multi-chapter epic and never get posted.

By the way I am going to post that casting meme in the near future.

risskabob asked for Victorian Dr Horrible.

Basically, NOTHING CHANGES, except that all technology is run on steam, every other adjective is "brass", and Penny wears decent clothes. I know Victorian doesn't mean steampunk, but Dr. Horrible is about a mad scientist with goggles inventing super-powered BFGs.

Actually, if I were going to write it, I think I'd redo the whole thing to not be steamunk, just to be contrary. The death ray is now an actual gun. It hits Penny because Hammer has terrible aim. (By that time the crowd was all gone, so Hammer just said it was Dr. Horrible's fault. Billy blames himself anyway because he brought the gun there, and it was yet another one of his failed schemes.) The freeze ray is now a shoddy pair of handcuffs. Nothing runs on steam. Or gears. Dr. Horrible wears a suit. With no goggles. When not in costume, he wears another, very slightly different suit. I'm not sure if they had laundromats, but waiting in line at the butcher's will work just as well. Penny's charity subplot comes to the foreground some more, with a lot of discussion of classism. To make room for it, the mad science is deemphasized.

In both cases, the blog is a print publication and Dr. Horrible is as much a pen name as an actual alter-ego.

more post!

Lots of things.

-I'm back. I might stay around this time. Sorry 'bout all the not being around and stuff. I blame the holidays, because they just happened and are therefore a convenient if inaccurate excuse.

-Somehow, and I'm really not sure how at all, I kind of accidentally just wrote the first scene of my own version of The End of Time. So far, franchises I have managed not to plagiarize the worst parts of include: Star Wars, The Matrix, and The Matrix again. Franchises I have managed to plagiarize the worst parts of include Doctor Who.
--I can't remember what the whole Skeletor thing reminds me of. Can any of you? It's not Skeletor himself because I've never seen Masters (heh) of the Universe, and his Wikipedia entry makes me think he's only just similar enough to Skeletor!Master for the Doctor to make a joke about.
--So far, my fic is not about hating Christmas.

-The Daily decided my last post didn't waste enough words making its point to be worth including, or something. lol.

-dragonessa24 was recced on calufrax. Congrats!

--I made rep! Like a month ago. I am now privy to all the moderator secrets, and let me tell you, there are tons of them and they are the best possible secrets you can imagine times like five suitcases of awesomesauce. You have no idea the wealth of knowledge and creativity which we Oracles, and only we Oracles, are privy to. Also the gifs. Team Dollhouse gif parties are nothing, NOTHING!! compared to what the mods get up to.
--WE WON!!!

-Graphics computer: very dead. I think for reals, this time. Like, I-just-failed-to-enter-two-20in20s dead. Further proof that deadlines and I don't mix. My icontest and ficathon days are over.

-fic_rush, the two-day ficathon, will run January 9th and 10th. Be there.

-iconsofrassilon could use more entries. Ignore the deadline; we haven't actually closed that round yet.

-Magic Unhinged is lol.

-Merry Christmas.
--On every corner there's a giant metal Santa Clause who watches over us with glowing red eyes. They carry weapons and they know if you've been bad or good. Not everybody's good but everyone tries. (Ctrl+f for "beta".)
--The stockings were hung by the beakers with glue, labeled "control group," "s.1." and "s.2." (On dr_horriblesing.)

-I have been watching SJA (I'm early in S2 right now because of FAILY DVD REGIONS and lack of compensatory piracy) and I think I'm starting to like it more than Doctor Who. It's like they took Doctor Who apart, and they put everything that makes it great into SJA, and the rest became Torchwood. If SJA dies, they had better make Clyde a companion. I'm serious. TAKE NOTE OF THIS, CARDIFF.

-There is Morrowind/Oblivion fic in the back of my head. TES lore is so cool, when it makes sense. The fall of Ald'Ruhn and the laughably easy time even the lowliest Telvanni must have had getting to the sigil stones in the Oblivion gates both need some fic attention.
--Also a machinima that is far beyond my means to make. Someday this is going to take the Internet by storm, and/or get me sued.
--I want to read Loveletter fic, but based on the likely false premise that Landfall was the Ministry of Truth.
--I'm sure there's some lore not entirely derived from the devs' forum posts that is also fic-worthy.
---I still think Ten meeting Sheogorath would be hilarious.

-I need to see Hamlet.

-When Doctor Who is really bad, Murray Gold's music suddenly feels completely appropriate to what's happening onscreen and is not at all jarring or problematic. Discuss.
dr horrible

Dr. Horrible Wallpaper

Made for whedonland. (Got an honorable mention, though there were seven winners counting those. Thanks to everyone who voted for me!) The version I submitted bugged me, so I made an alternate. Both are 1440x900 (should look right on any standard widescreen res).

Warning: the full .pngs are like 1.5mb. JPG sucks, shut up.

Imageshack instead of Photobucket on account of size, so tell me if you're way in the future and the pics are gone.

I'd prefer you didn't edit (though I might be willing to do that for you) or repost these.


icontest icons (and a couple banners) dump for September

Stuff for ct_lims, whedonland, and wholand. (Wholand seems to be dead, so I'm posting these even though they were never voted on.)

2x Catherine Tate (one ooc publicity, one from her show)
2x Old Who (Five, Ace)
2x New Who (Ten, Rose)
1x Torchwood (Owen)
1x Dr. Horrible (Penny)
5x Amy Acker (Fred, Illyria, 2x Dollhouse, one publicity photo I don't know the origin of)

Here is a link that goes to this entry, but with style=mine. (Because my layout's still in progress.)

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