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shameless advertising

Hey everybody, check out eleven_romana, a ficathon about like some time lords or something. Signups are open until the 23rd and due dates are scattered throughout November (you claim a day). They take pretty much any length and genre, too. They even take art and graphics, but you should do fic because then I could read it.

There's still most of a day left of fic_rush. The perfect way to work on your eleven_romana submission! There will also be a round in the middle of NaNoWriMo. The perfect way to work on your nearly overdue eleven_romana submission!


awesometopia, is up and running. Signups are open right now, and the first challenges are up with more on the way soon. I'm going to steal a blurb from co-mod crumplysnorkack:

awesometopia is a multi-fandom land community. (If it's geeky, it's welcome here.) Members compete in graphics and writing contests, play games, and do all manner of weird and awesome things to earn points for their teams: Team Dragons, Team Piratefish, or Team Rocketgeese. At the end of the round, the team with the most points wins.

The intro/faq post is here, and this is the sign-up post.

Pass it on. :)

Attention duelists! My hair is starting a new land comm.

I need a mod or two.

crumplysnorkack and I are making a new land comm. It is called awesometopia. Instead of one fandom, like, say, whedonland or drwholand, we are just dedicated to awesome. And by "awesome," I mean "scifi, fantasy, and geek culture fandoms in any medium." Awesometopia is a land to catch all the smaller fandoms that can't quite support their own land.

We are looking for a graphics mod, a writing mod, and possibly a games mod. Also we'll need team leaders, once we agree on what to call our teams.

I turn to you, flist, for volunteers to mod. This is the perfect opportunity to sate your unending lust for power! Speak up now, or let this once-in-a-lifetime and not at all trendy opportunity pass you by...forever.

Some experience playing in lands required, because otherwise you'd just be really confused.

Unrelatedly, I need a good picture of Draco Malfoy for something.


I have two things to advertise:

fic_rush is a monthly weekend of fic writing. We have posts every hour (in a second comm, so we won't spam your flist) where we talk how the writing is going and what we're trying to get done this weekend, encourage each other, and generally try to bash writer's block over the head. Round 7 of Fic Rush is happening right now. You can go over there at any time for about the next 40 hours and join us.

drwholand is a team-based, Doctor Who-themed challenge community. They have regular fic and graphics challenges, and assorted smaller games (wordgames and stuff), all for points, and every couple of months they announce a winning team and start a new round. You can join at any time during a round, and you don't have to do every challenge (or type of challenge) offered.

Tell them I sent you, because I get points for getting you to join. :)

this post contains no discussion of The End of Time

I don't think I've mentioned this on my own LJ for a while. I run fic_rush, the monthly, two-day ficathon. It's this thing where we all spend as much of a weekend as humanly possible writing fic. (Any fic.) And every hour, there are posts in a side community where we talk about our progress and cheer each other on and stuff. Like we're all writing together! Or getting beat up by writer's block together, whichever the case may be. But still. Community!

There is a round coming up this weekend. It runs Saturday and Sunday, midnight to midnight GMT. (Which is Friday evening to Sunday evening in the US.) You should all come join us. And also tell all your friends about it.

more post!

Lots of things.

-I'm back. I might stay around this time. Sorry 'bout all the not being around and stuff. I blame the holidays, because they just happened and are therefore a convenient if inaccurate excuse.

-Somehow, and I'm really not sure how at all, I kind of accidentally just wrote the first scene of my own version of The End of Time. So far, franchises I have managed not to plagiarize the worst parts of include: Star Wars, The Matrix, and The Matrix again. Franchises I have managed to plagiarize the worst parts of include Doctor Who.
--I can't remember what the whole Skeletor thing reminds me of. Can any of you? It's not Skeletor himself because I've never seen Masters (heh) of the Universe, and his Wikipedia entry makes me think he's only just similar enough to Skeletor!Master for the Doctor to make a joke about.
--So far, my fic is not about hating Christmas.

-The Daily decided my last post didn't waste enough words making its point to be worth including, or something. lol.

-dragonessa24 was recced on calufrax. Congrats!

--I made rep! Like a month ago. I am now privy to all the moderator secrets, and let me tell you, there are tons of them and they are the best possible secrets you can imagine times like five suitcases of awesomesauce. You have no idea the wealth of knowledge and creativity which we Oracles, and only we Oracles, are privy to. Also the gifs. Team Dollhouse gif parties are nothing, NOTHING!! compared to what the mods get up to.
--WE WON!!!

-Graphics computer: very dead. I think for reals, this time. Like, I-just-failed-to-enter-two-20in20s dead. Further proof that deadlines and I don't mix. My icontest and ficathon days are over.

-fic_rush, the two-day ficathon, will run January 9th and 10th. Be there.

-iconsofrassilon could use more entries. Ignore the deadline; we haven't actually closed that round yet.

-Magic Unhinged is lol.

-Merry Christmas.
--On every corner there's a giant metal Santa Clause who watches over us with glowing red eyes. They carry weapons and they know if you've been bad or good. Not everybody's good but everyone tries. (Ctrl+f for "beta".)
--The stockings were hung by the beakers with glue, labeled "control group," "s.1." and "s.2." (On dr_horriblesing.)

-I have been watching SJA (I'm early in S2 right now because of FAILY DVD REGIONS and lack of compensatory piracy) and I think I'm starting to like it more than Doctor Who. It's like they took Doctor Who apart, and they put everything that makes it great into SJA, and the rest became Torchwood. If SJA dies, they had better make Clyde a companion. I'm serious. TAKE NOTE OF THIS, CARDIFF.

-There is Morrowind/Oblivion fic in the back of my head. TES lore is so cool, when it makes sense. The fall of Ald'Ruhn and the laughably easy time even the lowliest Telvanni must have had getting to the sigil stones in the Oblivion gates both need some fic attention.
--Also a machinima that is far beyond my means to make. Someday this is going to take the Internet by storm, and/or get me sued.
--I want to read Loveletter fic, but based on the likely false premise that Landfall was the Ministry of Truth.
--I'm sure there's some lore not entirely derived from the devs' forum posts that is also fic-worthy.
---I still think Ten meeting Sheogorath would be hilarious.

-I need to see Hamlet.

-When Doctor Who is really bad, Murray Gold's music suddenly feels completely appropriate to what's happening onscreen and is not at all jarring or problematic. Discuss.


This post has almost no connection to whedonland. BE ASTONISHED.

Have just signed up for lots20in20, Legend of the Seeker icontest.

I've seen one episode.

It's the one from yesterday, where the Action Chick (with optional Leather Gear and Blond Hair) goes to visit her Secret Relative, but the nearby Mob of Angry Locals wants to kill her. So they recruit the Pretty Girl Who Uses White Magic for an executioner, but she and the Handsome Rogue end up saving the Action Chick instead. Meanwhile, the Chosen One (with optional Being a Teenaged Boy) gets kidnapped, and the Wise Old Wizard (with mandatory Long, Grey Hair) attempts to rescue him.

Somehow this is a great show. I think it's the costumes.

Still debating if I'd rather do doctorwho20in20 or whoverse20in20 next month, 'cause I signed up for both once and couldn't do it. I think I might ask if the Cushing Doctor counts, and go with whoever says yes. This will, of course, completely undermine the anonymous round over at whoverse20in20.

Anyway, click lots of names in this post.

gen > everyone

(Except for you, flist. I heart you guys.)

I had this idea for a comm. It would be called something like justliketheshow or itslikecanon. ([Bad username: icantbelieveitsnotcanon] is over the character limit. Alas.)

It would be for posting, reccing, and asking help finding any fan-made thing (mostly fic, but Horrible Turn would totally count) that is similar in tone to the canon it's based on. For most fandoms, that would mean plotty gen with hints of canon ships. Basically, it's a comm for people who are turning to fic because there's only so much canon and they want more.

It could possibly host a ficathon as an opening bash. That part I'm not sure about.

What I want from you: tell me if
a) This is a stupid or good idea. I know it's LJ and we're all super nice all the time, but you can in fact post "this sounds lame, I wouldn't join it."
b) This already exists (and is active).
c) You want to post your stuff, help mod, or affiliate if I make it.
d) You have an opinion on what I could call it.

Thanks, flist. And remember: you > gen > everyone else.

eta: I like how the first two totally made up usernames are okay, but LJ won't pretend that the really long one is real.