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Study of Running
fic discussion 
Saturday, March 19, 2011 at 19:47:00
doctor/tardis: ten
I need some kind of writer's group thingy, but for fic. Or just like, a good fic-discussing friend or two. To bounce ideas off of each other, and so there's someone to lament to and ask for advice when I realize hours into a project that it's deeply flawed and I can't fix it. Where do I find such people? Are you interested? (And familiar with Doctor Who?) Are there any active comms for this?

(To be clear, I don't mean a beta. I mean for discussion way before finished fic appears.)

And apologies in advance for the four or five posts I'm going to spam up your flists with this weekend. Blame Remix. And procrastination.

edit: There's a fanfic writing support comm on Dreamwidth called writethisfanfic. In case anyone wanders by and wishes this post had had more resolution. It seems to work like fic_rush, only never-ending and in slow motion. Their resources post looks great, too.
Sunday, March 20, 2011 at 14:33:20 (UTC)
I'm always up for discussing fic! I'm obsessive that way...
Sunday, March 20, 2011 at 23:13:58 (UTC)
Awesome, where? Here? PM? Email?

Now I gotta go think of something more specific to say than "FIC BRAIN ARGH" which is where I am right now. How's your fic going? I am sure you have fic going.
Monday, March 21, 2011 at 08:54:04 (UTC)
Oooh wherever you're comfortable! I'm easy.



Fic? Brain? A fic about Brain? And Pinky? :D

I... should go back to writing. I'm posting my big thingie now but sort of took a break from the 500000 fics I meant to start writing.
Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 00:14:17 (UTC)
500000? Pffffffft. That's hardly anything at all; you must have amazing restraint.

My brain is being ARGHed by my fic. I have this big fic concept about fallout from the Time War that I've been sitting on since around the start of S4. It's based on the (now Jossed) understanding a lot of fandom had about the Time War, wherein the Time Lords are gone because they no longer ever existed and Gallifrey is uninhabited, not because they're locked away in a bubble. The Doctor is a paradox caused by whatever he did to end the war, not just one of many possible time lords and daleks who escaped.

So Ten runs into Eight in typical multi-Doctor story form, but for one of them the Universe is in a completely different state than for the other. Eight is kind of like a ghost, reenacting things Ten already did even though the world he did them in is gone. Romana (traveling with Eight for some reason) disappears, because she never existed. And nobody's explaining any of this to Eight. Also Martha's there in the middle of her big Doctor-crush, and here's this much less angsty version of him who doesn't pretend quite so hard not to see her.

So that's fun, and I want to start discussing and bouncing ideas relating to it all. But! I have all these twists and dramatic revelations in mind, and these different tensions between characters, and absolutely no idea what happens in between them, or how to string them all together.

And I've really never come close to completing anything long before. And I have this more general problem where I can think up plots, but I can't seem to think up the scenes they happen across.

Which is why "FIC BRAIN ARGH" seemed so very concise.

...I think I've failed to ask any answerable questions or focus on any specific ideas. But, um, what do you think?
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