studyofrunning (studyofrunning) wrote,

fic discussion

I need some kind of writer's group thingy, but for fic. Or just like, a good fic-discussing friend or two. To bounce ideas off of each other, and so there's someone to lament to and ask for advice when I realize hours into a project that it's deeply flawed and I can't fix it. Where do I find such people? Are you interested? (And familiar with Doctor Who?) Are there any active comms for this?

(To be clear, I don't mean a beta. I mean for discussion way before finished fic appears.)

And apologies in advance for the four or five posts I'm going to spam up your flists with this weekend. Blame Remix. And procrastination.

edit: There's a fanfic writing support comm on Dreamwidth called writethisfanfic. In case anyone wanders by and wishes this post had had more resolution. It seems to work like fic_rush, only never-ending and in slow motion. Their resources post looks great, too.
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