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Study of Running
Fanfiction Masterlist 
Wednesday, March 4, 2009 at 23:19:00
Note to remixers: If you're here from a remix challenge that has its own rules (remixthedrabble, Remix Redux, etc.) you can safely ignore my rules and skip straight to the fic. If you're some other random remixer, like from remixy_things, then you have permission to remix my fic, if you'll follow four simple rules:

1) Tell me once you've posted your remix. I want to see it!
2) Don't remix a fic to be porn when it wasn't before.
3) If you want to remix a remix, you need permission from the other author.
4) If you remix a WIP, you are giving me permission to use your ideas in the finished work. That way I don't have to change anything if you guess where my plot is going. (At the time I'm writing this, I've never posted a WIP anyway.)

Doctor Who

Upside-Down (Rose/Doctor, no spoilers or warnings, 129 words)
Pointless happy fluff with the Doctor and Rose.
Upside-Down II (Ten, Martha, still no spoilers or warnings, 270 words)
Time War angst with the Doctor and Martha.
Remixed: A Matter of Perspective (The Disorientation Remix), by lilfluffykitten; Upside Down (The Abyss to Hope Remix), by joking

Integration in Reverse (River Song, the rest of the one-offs from the Library episodes, a bit of River/Doctor, complete and total spoilers for Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, warning for death, warning for lack of death, 2614 words)
River's life after the Doctor, from end to beginning.
Remixed: Disintegration (The Next Chapter Remix), by such_heights

Sucks to be You (Martha, spoilers for Last of the Time Lords, warning for Year that Never Was fic, 376 words)
This, Martha thinks the next day, is the most frantic she'll ever have been.
Remixed: Never Knew (The Sucks to Be You Remix), by sophinisba; Dark Enough to See the Stars (The Penalty of Greatness Remix), by wojelah

False Laughter (Ten, Rose, no spoilers or warnings, 294 words)
The Doctor and Rose are laughing. The Oncoming Storm and the Bad Wolf are growling.

Open, Shut (10.5/Rose, spoilers for Journey's End, no warnings, 225 words)
Rose and Doctor² explore the challenges of the slow path. (By which I mean, sit around with nothing to do.)

Skeletons (Ten/Martha, no spoilers or warnings, 492 words)
Martha, as we all know, is perpetually curious about the Doctor.
Remixed: Millipede (The Bones of the Hand Remix), by aralias

The Machines Are There (Jenny, spoilers up through Journey's End, no warnings, 3050 words)
Jenny vs. Daleks, round one.
Remixed: WWD/DD? (What Would Doctor/Dad Do?), by galadriel1010 (PG-13 for Jack being Jack, because BTW Jack is in this)

Introductions (The "Biggest Family" Indeed Remix) (Martha, Sarah, Jo, no warnings, spoilers through Last of the Time Lords, 300 words) (remix of Introductions (of the unexpected kind), by amaresu)
She loves them, but they make her world feel small.

Never Ever (The See Your Shadow Remix) (Ten/Rose, no spoilers, warning for character death, 400 words) (remix of Never ever, by metztlimoon)
Rose is dead (depending on who you ask, and when).

Mystery (The Doctor, his TARDIS, no spoilers or warnings, 100 words)
To a Time Lord, "ancient" implies more digits.
Remixed: Mystery (The Doors She Never Opened Remix), by joking

In Place Of (The Missed Learning Opportunity Remix) (Martha/Jack (implied Martha/Ten, Jack/Ten), no warnings, 100 words) (remix of In Place Of, by lodessaMagic words and actions that force people to acknowledge each other.</i>

Lost Art (The Written Records Remix) (Sarah Jane Smith, no spoilers or warnings, 1240 words) (remix of Lost Art, by eponymous_rose)
Sarah finds an old notebook she had when she traveled with the Doctor.

The Rooftop Scene (Jo, Eleven, Mickey, Lazarus, spoilers for The Lazarus Experiment, no warnings, ~1500 words)
A scene from The Lazarus Experiment, with the cast swapped out for The Eleventh Doctor, Jo Grant, and Mickey Smith.

The Console (Mickey, Ten, Rose, no spoilers or warnings, ~1700 words)
Mickey thought the console room needed more console. The Doctor almost objected, until Mickey added, "The princess is blonde." This was the result.

Final Fantasy
Oops (The Highly Inconvenient Location Remix) (Cloud, Cid, Vincent, no particular spoilers or warnings apart from Cid's language, 150 words) (remix of Oops, by emerald_embers)
...In which emerald weapon spawns right above the Gelnika. I shake my fist at you, Squaresoft circa 1997!

Compilation of FF7
Limitations on the Aspect of Cruelty (Kadaj, spoilers only for Advent Children, no warnings, 129 words)
Life is short.

Jailbreak (Squall, Zell, Seifer, no warnings and there's really nothing but the game itself to spoil, 2816 words)
Zell and Squall go on a mission to abduct some prisoners. Seifer shows up, because he's the sort of dude that shows up and messes up people's missions.

(I may have been half-asleep when I wrote that summary, but I refuse to change it.)

Cursed Chakram (The Burning Remix) (Raijin, Fujin, character death, no spoilers, 100 words) (remix of Cursed Chakram (link is NSFW because of other fic on the same page), by hamimifk)
Raijin's father wanted him to be a warrior.

Pirates of the Caribbean
A note, I'm not actually in this fandom. But after watching the third movie, I could see only two ways for that ending to work out, and somehow I ended up writing fic to show them. They're both links to cuts in one long reaction post I made.

Others Sail on the Sea (Elizabeth/Will, spoilers through the third movie, warning for death, 448 words)
On the aging process.

'Till Death Do They Part (Elizabeth/Jack, spoilers through the third movie, no warnings, 627 words)
"And this is the part where I lean close," so Jack leans in close, "and say something like, well, I'm the captain, aren't I? I can give you a wedding. I can give you a wedding right now, love."

Joss Whedon
Context Not One's Own (Victor, River, Topher, Boyd, no real spoilers, no warnings, 100 words)
Victor is on engagement, and then he's on Serenity instead.

Have fun.
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