Haven't been on LJ since 2012. What are the good comms for fic writing and spoiler-free Doctor Who now?

Also hi.

Tumblr: idgi

Just got a Tumblr. Does anyone on the flist understand Tumblr? There is so much I don't get that isn't covered in the help and I can't find any good newbie guides that answer the obvious questions instead of regurgitating the site help pages.

Like how do you reblog a reblog so you are actually reblogging the person's response and not just the original post? Is there a way to browse a tag that has a hyphen in it? Why is it that when I upload something high-res, you can click on the thumbnail and it pops up a version scaled to your screen (clearly down and not up), but if you right-click on that and select "view image" you get the 400px thumbnail? How do I make it simple to get the full image without uploading it somewhere else and just linking? Is there a free layout that actually shows all of the things, like all the tags and an obvious "next page" button and the date of the post and the like and reblog buttons and a direct link to the post? I can fix an ugly layout that works, but I can't do anything with a pretty layout that cuts half the information and features.

I don't expect someone to answer all that. I just can't even find where to ask questions aside from abusing their support email and if you learned how to use Tumblr, how did you do that?

Other sites make sense. :(
doctor/tardis: ten

also another post because remixes

So while I was busy ignoring everyone again, Remix happened. My brave remixer decided to tackle Integration in Reverse, which a couple of you will remember is that thing I wrote once that almost nobody knows wtf even happens in it. So I was kind of already impressed before I even read it. The result is a neat fixity remix which, given a certain line from The Neil Gaiman Episode, is probably a good prediction as well.

It can be found here: Disintegration (The Next Chapter Remix) by such_heights (Doctor/River and characters from the Library episodes, gen though I suppose it's also het, probably around PG just for one character hitting on another, no warnings I can think of, about 2k words).

That was one concise mini-header I just wrote.

I really wish I still had my data ghost icon.

Thoughts on Sherlock

1) It's going to be hilarious when he doesn't actually set off the bomb, and nearly all the fic out there is instantly Jossed. I may applaud.

2) Have strong desire to write genderswap fic in which John is still named John but Sherlock has a feminine equivalent of his name. It will be plotty and not just a weirdly structured essay on feminism. Sherlock will actually be a sociopath.

I don't know how to write genderswap. I almost never even read genderswap. Is there a manual somewhere? Have any advice? What would I know if I were familiar with the genre? And what can I possibly call Sherlock?
jo grant

Who Fic: The Rooftop Scene

Title: The Rooftop Scene
Characters: Jo, Eleven, Mickey, Lazarus
Rating: PG for a monster?
~1500 words.
No warnings, spoilers only for The Lazarus Experiment.

Summary: A scene from The Lazarus Experiment, with the cast swapped out for The Eleventh Doctor, Jo Grant, and Mickey Smith.

Notes: For the Doctor Swap Fic Meme. Though I'm not sure I really changed enough. It's pretty much all little character stuff.

Collapse )
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fic discussion

I need some kind of writer's group thingy, but for fic. Or just like, a good fic-discussing friend or two. To bounce ideas off of each other, and so there's someone to lament to and ask for advice when I realize hours into a project that it's deeply flawed and I can't fix it. Where do I find such people? Are you interested? (And familiar with Doctor Who?) Are there any active comms for this?

(To be clear, I don't mean a beta. I mean for discussion way before finished fic appears.)

And apologies in advance for the four or five posts I'm going to spam up your flists with this weekend. Blame Remix. And procrastination.

edit: There's a fanfic writing support comm on Dreamwidth called writethisfanfic. In case anyone wanders by and wishes this post had had more resolution. It seems to work like fic_rush, only never-ending and in slow motion. Their resources post looks great, too.