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30 Day TV Meme 
Tuesday, June 1, 2010 at 17:44:00
Day 08 - A show everyone should watch

The original Star Trek.

Star Trek is the great grandmommy of all those other scifiish shows about a crew having a series of adventures in space. You know, Stargate. Battlestar Galactica, mostly. Babylon 5. Blake's 7. Farscape. Other versions of Star Trek, and Andromeda. Basically an entire genre -- a big, popular one -- is copying, drawing from, and attempting (attempting) to improve upon Star Trek, directly or indirectly. I know Gene Roddenberry didn't invent the concept, but he did permanently make it a part of TV by creating a really good show.

Which also, as a bonus, has Uhura in it. <3

For such an old show, Star Trek holds up really well. The pacing doesn't suck, like with a lot of other old shows I've seen. The plots often make sense. While imperfect, Star Trek is a lot more politically correct than you'd expect for its time and even beats some shows being made today. The characters were so memorable that they've stayed in the public's mind for 40 years. Everyone knows who Spock is.

So basically, taking "everyone" to mean "people who have ever shown an interest in scifi" (other people don't count anyway), Star Trek is something everyone needs to see.
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